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The definitive center for Anti-Aging Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Grand Rapids

Do you want to look younger, feel better, and have more energy? Our bio-identical hormone replacement therapies for women and men, as well as our anti-aging evaluation and treatments, can help you turn back the clock to discover a more vibrant, younger version of yourself.

How Is Optimal Wellness Medical Group Different From Other Medical Practices?

The founding physician/owner, Dr. Steve Lasater, has been granted board certification by four different medical boards – the American Boards of Family Medicine, Bariatric (Obesity) Medicine, Clinical Lipidology, and Preventive Medicine. In addition to nearly three decades of practice in Family Medicine, he also has significant clinical experience in hormone replacement.

About Concierge Care

Concierge Care in Grand Rapids

To offer patients like you full-time access to a Grand Rapids bio-identical hormone physician, Dr. Steve Lasater's practice offers SPECIALTY CONCIERGE CARE, providing all of his valued patients enhanced physician care and ready access to seeing or talking to Dr. Lasater when they need.

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