If your erections aren’t as strong or long-lasting as they used to be, you may have erectile dysfunction. Dr. Steve Lasater is an anti-aging expert and one of the few licensed physicians to administer the P-shot® in the United States.

At Optimal Wellness Medical in Grand Rapids, restore your function, virility, and pleasure with the groundbreaking P-shot®.

P-Shot® Q & A

What is the P-Shot®?

The P-shot® is a nonsurgical, groundbreaking treatment for erectile dysfunction that improves your sex life through the power of your own blood. The P-Shot® is based on highly effective platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy. Sports medicine physicians and surgeons have used PRP for more than a decade to accelerate wound healing and promote new tissue growth.

What is PRP?

Dr. Lasater creates PRP by withdrawing a small amount of blood from your arm and separating out the liquid and solid components. This process creates a high concentration of the blood solids known as platelets, which are full of stem cells, growth factors, and other substances the body uses to heal wounds and create healthy new tissue.

How can I tell if I need a P-Shot®?

Dr. Lasater recommends an initial consultation where you’ll answer a 5-question erectile dysfunction intensity scale questionnaire. You may benefit from the P-Shot® if you rarely, sometimes, or always:

  • Have trouble achieving an erection
  • Don’t get hard enough to penetrate
  • Can’t penetrate
  • Have trouble maintaining an erection
  • Can’t finish the sexual act

The P-Shot® should result in at least a 1-point improvement on all 5 questions.

What happens when I get a P-Shot®?

First, you apply numbing cream to your penis. Then Dr. Lasater injects PRP into either side of the shaft, either side of the head, and in the glands.

How many treatments do I need?

You may need up to two P-Shots®, spaced at least 8 weeks apart. To maintain your benefits, you may wish to get a P-Shot® every 6 months to one year.

Does the P-Shot® cure erectile dysfunction?

The P-shot® doesn’t completely resolve all erectile issues. You may still have times when achieving or maintaining a full erection is an issue. However, most men can decrease their reliance on erectile dysfunction drugs.

Can I use the P-shot® even if I don’t have erectile dysfunction?

The P-shot® is a medical therapy for erectile dysfunction. You should not use the P-shot® to try to enlarge the size of your penis or to increase potency.


If you’ve never had an orgasm, your orgasms have become less intense, or you’re experiencing troubling symptoms such as urinary incontinence, you may not be in the mood for sex anymore. Restore your sex life with a remarkable new therapy called the O-Shot® at Optimal Wellness Medical. Restore your urogenital tissues and bring back the spark.

Dr. Lasater is one of the few physicians in the United States licensed to administer the O-Shot. Contact Dr. Lasater for an O-Shot consultation by calling Optimal Wellness Medical.

O-Shot Q & A

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot, also known as the Orgasm-Shot®, is a cutting-edge, nonsurgical, injectable procedure that uses the healing powers of your own blood to restore clitoral, vulvar, and urogenital tissues. Dr. Lasater uses the O-Shot to improve:

  • Number of orgasms
  • Intensity of orgasms
  • Arousal time
  • Libido
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal tone
  • Lubrication

If you have white, patchy areas on your vulva — a condition known as lichen sclerosus — you can also talk to Dr. Lasater about using the O-Shot to improve the quality and appearance of your vulvar skin.

What makes the O-Shot effective?

The O-Shot infuses aging or damaged vaginal, vulvar, and urogenital tissues with the healing powers of your own blood through a therapy called platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Doctors have used PRP for more than 10 years in sports medicine to accelerate healing and rebuild damaged tissues.

What happens when I get an O-Shot?

The O-Shot is a simple procedure that Dr. Lasater performs in the comfort and safety of the Optimal Wellness Medical office. First, his assistant numbs your clitoris, vulva, and anterior vaginal wall (location of the G-Spot) with a topical anesthetic containing benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine.

Dr. Lasater then withdraws a small amount of blood from your arm. Dr. Lasater puts the blood into a sterile centrifuge, which separates the healing platelets from other blood components. He mixes the highly concentrated platelets with a small amount of plasma (liquid portion of your blood) to create the PRP infusion.

Dr. Lasater then injects the PRP (combined with calcium chloride) into the treatment areas. The calcium chloride helps keep the PRP localized to the treatment areas. The O-Shot is made up of your own blood and therefore won’t cause any allergic reactions.

How long does the O-Shot take to work?

Some women notice an improvement in clitoral and vaginal sensation immediately after their first treatment. Over the course of the next few weeks, you should notice improved sexual response, lessening of troubling symptoms, and a pinker, smoother, plumper look to your vulvar tissues. The rejuvenating and stimulating effects of the O-Shot can last for up to a year.

If you’re ready to reclaim your sex life and sexual confidence, contact Dr. Lasater for an O-Shot. Book an online appointment at Optimal Wellness Medical or call the helpful staff.

Low Testosterone

As a man ages, he may begin to experience problems in an area that had previously worked quite well. At Optimal Wellness Medical, Dr. Lasater will help you find a solution to low testosterone and androgen deficiency.

Dr. Steve Lasater, a specialist in bioidentical hormone replacement, can help reduce your low-T symptoms, including low libido and erectile dysfunction (ED). If you’re ready to feel the vigor you once did, it’s time to contact Optimal Wellness Medical in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Low Testosterone Q & A

What is low-T?

Low testosterone, often referred to as low-T, occurs when testosterone levels fall to levels below that necessary for proper physiological functioning. Testosterone, the male sex hormone, decreases as a man ages and impacts many aspects of his life, including his sex drive, muscle mass, energy levels, and bone density.

Also called hypogonadism, low-T impacts 4 out of 10 men over the age of 45, and causes a range of symptoms, including:

  • Low sex drive or libido
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Low energy
  • Reduced muscle mass and strength
  • Low iron (anemia)
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

In some men, low-T leads to weight gain, sleep disturbances, and irritability. Because it’s comparable to what women experience during menopause, age-related loss of testosterone is sometimes called andropause, or androgen deficiency.

How is low-Testosterone treated?

Dr. Lasater offers three options for male hormone replacement and may recommend:

  • Transdermal cream applied daily on your thighs
  • Intramuscular injections self-injected twice a week
  • Implanted subcutaneous pellets which release testosterone over three months

Dr. Lasater also offers treatments to improve your overall health and wellness, which may naturally boost your hormone levels and improve your low-T symptoms. He will test your body composition, thyroid, arterial stiffness, and pulmonary function, among others.

If you’re concerned about the visual signs of aging on your skin, Dr. Lasater also offers a skin age evaluation and treatment plan to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles along with your treatment for low-T symptoms.

If low testosterone impacts how you function, call Optimal Wellness Medical today to schedule your appointment.

Vampire Procedures

Blood not only gives you life, but it also restores life to your aging skin and other tissues. Dr. Steve Lasater, MD, is an anti-aging specialist in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is certified in the latest in anti-aging.

The Vampire procedures use cutting-edge, minimally invasive platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate your face and breasts, creating a more youthful, uplifted, and plumper look and feel.

Avoid invasive surgery by booking a consultation at Optimal Wellness Medical today with Dr. Lasater’s Vampire Facelifts®, Vampire Facials®, and Vampire Breast Lifts®. Call Dr. Lasater’s knowledgeable anti-aging Optimal Wellness Medical team or schedule an appointment online.


What are Vampire Procedures for anti-aging?

Vampire procedures are cutting-edge, minimally invasive therapies that use your own blood — rich with healing fibrins, stem cells, and growth factors — to restore aging and sagging tissues on your face and breasts. Dr. Lasater is one of few Grand Rapids-area physicians and anti-aging specialists who have undergone certified training in the Vampire procedures and is licensed by Cellular Medicine Association.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a healing accelerator that’s created when Dr. Lasater takes a small amount of blood from your arm and processes it to concentrate its percentage of healing platelets. He then injects the platelet-rich blood into aging or damaged tissue to stimulate healing and rejuvenation. Or, he brushes the PRP onto the tissue to accelerate its healing.

Who benefits from Vampire procedures?

Women and men who want a fresher look benefit from Vampire procedures. Vampire procedures improve:

  • Gray-looking skin
  • Tired, dull skin
  • Volume loss
  • Wrinkles
  • Rough skin
  • Drooping
  • Jowling
  • Sagging breasts

After Vampire procedures, Dr. Lasater recommends Altar™ Vampire Skin Therapy™ to facilitate healing.

What is a Vampire Facial®?

Dr. Lasater begins Vampire Facials® by using microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) energy to create controlled wounds in your skin. The tiny wounds stimulate your skin’s healing system so that it rushes in fibrin to rebuild old collagen fibers.

He then brushes your skin with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to accelerate the healing and collagen-remodeling process. Over the next months, your skin looks healthier, tighter, and younger.

What is a Vampire Facelift®?

During a Vampire Facelift, Dr. Lasater first creates a more youthful, firmer face shape with injections of hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal fillers, such as Juvederm® or Resytlane®. He then injects platelet-rich plasma (PRP) deep into your skin to stimulate collagen remodeling. The PRP also increases blood flow, resulting in:

  • Restored shape
  • Glowing tone
  • Fresher skin texture
  • More youthful, uplifted look

Schedule a consultation to find out if a Vampire Facelift is right for you.

What is a Vampire Breast Lift®?

A Vampire Breast Lift® restores sensation to your breasts and nipples and creates more uplifted, fuller-looking breasts. A Vampire Breast Lift® begins when Dr. Lasater improves the shape and volume of your breasts by injecting them with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in an individualized pattern. Over the next few weeks to months, your sensation is amplified, and your breasts become fuller and more uplifted.

Schedule your Vampire consultation by calling Optimal Wellness Medical today.


Even when you eat right and exercise regularly, sometimes those stubborn fat areas just won’t go away.

At Optimal Wellness Medical in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Steve Lasater offers innovative CoolSculpting® treatments so you can achieve our body contouring goals. Dr. Lasater can help you achieve and maintain the silhouette you’ve always wanted.


What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive procedure that permanently removes fat cells from targeted, stubborn areas. By using cooling technology, CoolSculpting® freezes your fat cells, leaving you with a smoother, more contoured body.

An FDA-approved procedure, CoolSculpting® plays a central role for body contouring. Dr. Lasater can help you safely and effectively reduce stubborn fat in a variety of areas, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • ‘Love handles’
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Underarms
  • Double chin

How does CoolSculpting® work?

Your journey to body contouring begins with an initial consultation at Optimal Wellness Medical. During this visit, you’ll be asked about your current exercise routine and diet, as well as your goals for the body-slimming procedure.

If you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting®, your first session is then scheduled.

During the procedure, the unit is placed over the target area, where it then gently sucks your skin in, dropping the temperature low enough that your fat cells are destroyed without damage to the visible area.

CoolSculpting® procedures range from 35-75 minutes.

At the end of each treatment, the treated area is briefly massaged; this then helps your body process and eliminate the destroyed fat cells. Because fat cells don’t regenerate, once your body removes these dead cells, they cannot return.

When do you see results after CoolSculpting®?

Because it takes time for your body to remove the dead fat cells, it can take up to 4 weeks before you notice results from your body contouring procedure, with the most dramatic results occurring around 8 weeks.

Although you may notice some slimming after your first treatment, in most cases, Dr. Lasater recommends 3-4 CoolSculpting® sessions for optimal results.

Who should have body sculpting?

If you have unwanted fat on your abdomen or flanks, body sculpting may be an option. The fat freezing procedure used at Optimal Wellness Medical is a fat reduction treatment, not a weight loss treatment.

Although most people are candidates for fat freezing, those who have the best results exercise regularly and eat healthily, but still struggle with stubborn fat in specific areas. Ideally, you’re at a stable weight, not yo-yo-ing up and down.

What happens during a body sculpting procedure?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Lasater asks questions about your body sculpting goals and where you’d like to eliminate fat. He discusses the procedure with you and sets realistic expectations.

Dr. Lasater creates a treatment plan based on your body and goals. If you want more than one area treated, multiple treatment sessions may be necessary.

When you arrive for your body sculpting procedure, Dr. Lasater fits you with a gel pad and the fat freezing device. The treatment takes 35-75 minutes. Once complete, you can resume your normal activities without restrictions.

When can you see results from CoolSculpting®?

Once your fat cells freeze, they no longer function. After they die, your body naturally eliminates these cells over a period of 4 months.

Around 4 weeks post-treatment, you begin to notice results from your body sculpting procedure, with significant benefits seen after 8 weeks and multiple treatments.

Are body sculpting results permanent?

If you don’t gain weight, your body sculpting results remain permanent.

By the time you reach adulthood, you have a set number of fat cells. When you gain weight, those fat cells get larger, and when you lose weight, the fat cells shrink, but their number remains the same.

With fat freezing procedures, a certain number of fat cells are destroyed and removed from the body, and these cells aren’t replaced. If you do gain weight after the treatment, you can gain fat in treated areas, but it will be less than the fat you gain in non-treated areas.

If you want to learn more about body sculpting, contact Dr. Lasater at Optimal Wellness Medical today. Book your initial consultation online or call (616) 200-7597.