Skin Rejuvenation

Whether you want to look your best for a special day or just want to freshen how your skin feels, you can find the right skin rejuvenation procedure for your goals with the help of Dr. Steve Lasater.

At Optimal Wellness Medical, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Lasater offers MedSpa treatments with the cutting-edge CynosureⓇ Icon™ laser system and recommends specific skin products depending on your needs.

If you’re ready for a skin rejuvenation treatment that makes your skin look and feel youthful, call Dr. Lasater’s office today to schedule your appointment or connect online.

Skin Rejuvenation Q & A

What is skin rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation includes any procedure or product that helps your skin look and feel its best. These treatments often boost collagen production, strengthening the internal structures under your skin and adding volume to voids, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What’s more, skin rejuvenation can reduce dark pigmentations and scars, including those caused by acne.

Which skin rejuvenation procedures are offered?

At Optimal Wellness Medical, Dr. Lasater uses the Cynosure Icon laser treatment device. This innovative equipment improves the look, texture, and tone of your skin through various means. It addresses dark pigmentations, scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles through non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser treatments.

The Icon also offers the Advanced Contact Cooling™ system, which keeps your skin safe and protected during treatments, and the AccuSpectrum™, which minimizes epidermal exposure, ensuring no damage occurs to your skin.

With the Icon, Dr. Lasater can perform the cutting-edge ThreeForMe™ Laser Treatment — the ultimate face brightening service. With one session, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, and facial spider veins while rejuvenating the look of your skin.

Which skin care products are recommended?

When you want daily skin rejuvenation, Dr. Lasater suggests EpionceⓇ skin care products. These physician-strength products were created with over 20 years of skin care research by a clinical dermatologist.

Using science-backed principles, Epionce combines botanical ingredients with a key formulation that restores your skin, making it look and feel younger. Rich in restorative antioxidants, Epionce improves your skin’s texture and tone, which makes it look healthier and more radiant.

Free of parabens, fragrances, sulfates, and gluten, as well as harsh ingredients that irritate or dry your skin, these skin care products adhere to the highest standards. Tested against leading products in clinical tests, Epionce provided visible improvement with the following signs of aging:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Discoloration and dark pigmentations
  • Uneven texture and rough patches
  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Acne and blemishes
  • Overall skin glow

If you want your skin to look and feel its best, contact Optimal Wellness Medical today to learn about the skin rejuvenation procedures available. Call to schedule with Dr. Lasater or connect with our office to schedule your initial consultation.

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