Tammy R. – 1/30/18

“I’ve been going to see Dr. Lasater for about 3 yrs. I feel so much better. The staff is so nice.”

Daniel C. – 1/23/18

Absolutely friendly and fantastic staff!! Dr.Lasater is VERY knowledgeable and a top-notch doctor in all of Michigan and surrounding area…I highly recommend!!!

T.D. – 1/21/18

Patient Review with Bioidentical Hormones Hands down… Dr. Steve Lasater is exceptional in what he practices in helping people and people like myself with hormone replacement therapy! I found Dr. Lasater online after doing my own research on testosterone. I emailed Dr. Lasater’s office my situation pertaining to my body and what I was at the time feeling… Not good! I was a surprised the very next day I got a phone call from Dr. Lasater himself! He listened to my situation and informed me to come to his office to check my testosterone levels and at that time I did! While I was at Dr. Lasater’s office, he clearly explained what is testosterone and how testosterone plays a huge role in a man’s everyday life! It all started to make sense to me as to why I was feeling not good from my libido, mental focus, energy and overall sense of well-being! I’ve been on testosterone replacement therapy for approximately 2 years now and I absolutely love it!! My life is better a whole 360 degrees! I have such a bright outlook on life again as I did when I was younger and when my testosterone levels were normal! I personally would like to thank Dr. Steve Lasater and his associates for helping me get the treatment that has changed my life for the better!!!